Kitchen Benchtops: An essential component to make your kitchen efficient
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Are you looking for a special kind of benchtop which gives your kitchen an elegant look, along with great comfort? Then there are certain things for you to keep in mind.

You should install the benchtop according to your requirements. The material should be tougher to last longer. Another consideration is height of bechtop. The height should about 900 mm. Depth is 600mm and the thickness is +/-3 varied. Maintain the distance between the wall and the benchtop.

There should be five zones in which the kitchen benchtop. They are consumable zone, non-consumable zones, cleaning zones, preparation zone, cooking zone. Also understanding the right height of the benchtop is essential keeping the health of your family as a priority. If the height of the family members is tall, den it would be recommendable to make the benchtop of a higher height. Otherwise the normal height of the benchtop should be preferred.

The material generally used in manufacturing is granite, limestone, marble, soapstone, gabbro, slate. Silicate minerals, wood, metals etc. Some of the benefits of benchtop is are:

  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Stain resistant.
  3. Heat resistant.
  4. Scratch resistance.
  5. Generally more cost effective.
  6. Faster turn around.
  7. You should not alter the look of the kitchen.
  8. Do not need to replace the entire kitchen

Keep in mind:-
• You need to fix your budget, and need to disclose it to your professional designers.
• Always go for a professional designer, who saves your time as well.
• Don’t make your kitchen a complex place to deal with, instead simplify it.
• Make sure you select the good quality of benchtop stone, which assures a specific period of warranty.
• Try to blend the design of other rooms with kitchen.
• Make sure you have enough light arrangement in kitchen area.
• Choose light n freshening and neutral colours.
• Choose larger and wider drawers instead of cupboards .
• Lights should be placed at right place like above the sink, cook tops and all preparation areas.
The selection of right benchtop is very important aspect for you. Generally there are three types of laminates. They are Serrafina laminate, Serrafina solid surface, Silestone.

Serrafina laminate:-These benchtops are available in wide range of modern colours. It is an affordable, low maintenance, practical.
Serrafina Solid Surface: It gives stone effect with un-noticeable joints. Comes with concurrent stiff and satin touch.
Silestone:- It comes with shiny finish and attractive colour combination, it provides an elegant look to the kitchen. Stain, scratch and heat resistant.

While laminate has its cons too; it is sensitive to cuts and heat which indicates that you cannot put any hot vessel or pan onto it. Moreover it is not repaired.
The kitchen is considered as the functional and social meet of home. You will not disagree with me on the significance of a well designed kitchen which is optimized to luxury. Another benefit of a well-maintained kitchen is that it diminish the negative energy in the environment and recoil the social and financial blessings.
So it is most important to design the kitchen and give your home, a rich feel look.

Author: URU Stone
Category: Home Improvement
Date: December 3, 2014

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