Blinds Increase The Value of Your Property

Have you ever heard of “house-dressing”? This is the subtle and delicate art of adding value to your home by dressing it up with décor items while you attempt to sell it. Imagine you’re a new homebuyer, and you walk into an open home. The house looks nice from the outside, but inside, you can see clutter everywhere, the curtains are dirty, the furniture faded and covered in stains. You try to remove this mess in your mind’s eye, picture the place cleaned up, your own furniture in place. But it’s impossible

Now think about the same house with crisp, modern furniture, fresh paint on the walls, and stylish blinds Auclkland on the home windows. Doesn’t this feel like a completely different house? Can you already see yourself living here?

There are different types and style of Blinds Auckland available in the market. You will find vertical and horizontal window blinds. The horizontal blinds have their slats lying across and are usually tilted for light control. Vertical window blinds normally have louvers, popularly known as vanes and their slats can also be tilted to control the light coming through the window.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of window blinds:

  • Venetian blinds: one of the oldest styles of blinds in the world, Venetian blinds come from Venice and consist of horizontal slats made of wood, vinyl or metal held together by cords. Rotating the cords allows the slats to rotate and let in more or less light.
  • Roman blinds: These are a kind of horizontal blind made from fabric. Roman blinds fold up tight by using slats, and they are extremely popular as an alternative to Venetian blinds as they’re easier to maintain.
  • Holland blinds: sometimes called roller blinds, Holland blinds are made of a stiffened fabric and are rolled around a central cylinder. They draw up right above the window, so don’t obstruct any view, and are inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Austrian blind: these blinds are made of horizontal slats that fold up – but unlike a Roman blind, the Austrian blind has no structure to the slats, giving the window a dishevelled appearance.
  • Vertical blinds: these work over doorways and huge windows. Vertical blonds can stand up to storms and strong winds, and can be super quick to pull across. In warm climates the vertical blinds also help keep out vermin like mice.
  • Automobile blinds: yes, you can even buy window blinds for your car. These sun blinds for front and rear wind screen help keep the sun and glare out of the car, and may even help prevent burglaries.

In our day to day life curtain and blinds plays a very important role. They gather a certain space in the lives of each and every individual.  A blind gives a gorgeous look to the rooms as well as the windows. It acts as a screen on top of the window.




Author: curtaintracks88
Category: Home Decor, Home Improvement
Date: December 9, 2014

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